My favourite thing to do is take people to amazing places for the first time. It’s a pleasure and excitement to share a special place with your friends. Almost like your divulging a secret. Late in September I took the local group of young paddlers out to Skookumchuck Narrows. This place isn’t really a secret. In fact, it’s world renowned as one of the best surf waves on the planet. The wave itself is a natural wonder that builds from nothing to a monster wave as the tides turn. At slack tide you’d never guess what was to come. I planned to arrive at slack so the kids could see it as a flat nothing then watch it grow.  Over the 6 hours that we spent at Skook it grew into a huge wave and most of the kids took to it like second nature. They surfed until it faded back to zero. A glorious day at one of my favourite spots made even better because of the great people I had the chance to share it with. The next day we finished the trip with a morning paddle at Pender Harbour. A little more mellow, but none the less spectacular. The picture below is from one of the islands for sale in the harbour.

-Jon Allen


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