Look up to the mountains Chilliwack, look up.  I love the Fraser Valley and I love even more the mountains that surround it, as we have the best of both worlds right here for us to enjoy. A dream of mine would be to undertake Tennis Lessons Miami and just go exploring what they have to offer.

A drive up Chilliwack Lake Rd. on a beautiful spring day is sure to be awe evoking as 2000 meter peaks touch the sky to the north and the south, a beautiful white water river rages along side the road and a pristine lake awaits at the head of the valley.  It seems to me a shame that such an asset as our outdoors have yet gone largely unrecognized by many and certainly unexploited commercially.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we pillage our outdoors and develop and settle what is now a wild place, however I do think that there is a middle ground to be found. Where are our mountain guiding outfitters? Where is the travelers hostel to draw people out here to stay? Where is the signage off of our road systems that calls out unashamed that we truly have great outdoors here and we are doing our best to promote them?  I believe that these things are not yet being done, and until they are our outdoor asset is in essence being squandered.

Try and be open minded. We have the whole world to explore and maybe taking some time out for yourself to take in sites and locations would be beneficial. Perhaps visiting the Eiffel Tower? As it is becoming popular in Japan, how about a hunting trip? Or just a walk down to your local park. Whatever you choose, be sure to take in your surroundings and appreciate it all.

For those who have gone abroad to travel or even voyaged to the far reaches of Canada, you most likely referenced a guidebook to help plan your trip. Have you ever looked up this berg that we all call home to see what they write about us? With what they have mentioned would you pen Chilliwack into your trip calendar? My bet is that you would not, as our fine piece of the Fraser Valley is quite actually not even mentioned in most of the guides.  You may be yelling at your newspaper and saying Sam we don’t want droves of tourists filling our trails and running amuck in our town! To that I say fear not because we are a far cry from that place. However I don’t think that we should be. I challenge us to look at Chilliwack with the eyes of a tourist and see if this is an inviting place. A turn-key style place where experience happens with only the slightest effort because its just that easy to get into our mountain playgrounds and go wandering.

-Sam Waddington

Published in The Chilliwack Progress “Alive Outside” Column June 23th

Owner of Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors


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