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Quest for 10 2023

Quest for 10 2023

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This year’s Quest for 10 will be open from July to September. Your registration for this event is a donation to trail and climbing development initiatives in the region as well as for the afterparty in October.

Our goal is to raise as much money as possible to give back to the trails, so please encourage friends to sign up, rather than giving them the trail details that you receive as part of your registration package. As a participant to the Quest for 10, you are also eligible for prizes under the following categories:

● Prize category #1 - Completed at least 1 hike
● Prize category #2 - Completed at least 5 hikes
● Prize category #3 - Completed all 10 hikes
● Prize category #4 - Completed all 10 hikes the fastest (time starts at the summit of your first peak, or landmark, and ends on the summit of your last)

For those who are not familiar with the Quest for 10, Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors records the completion of each of your hikes when you send a selfie from each “photo location” as well as a perspective photo (regular view photo) from the “photo location”. These two photos should prove that you were 1) at the location and 2) that it was you who completed the hike.

Once purchased, you will be sent the list of hikes with more information and a link to the Facebook Group.

Happy Hiking!