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Spray Skirts

Spray Skirts

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Replacement spray skirts for whitewater decked models, past and present. See the descriptions below to make sure you get the correct size.

Note: If your chest size is larger than 52-inches, please contact us about ordering a custom-sized skirt.

Weight: 7.5oz / 210g


We offer replacement spray skirts for all of our whitewater decked models. You will need to select from the following options:

  • Standard Skirt: All 2017 and later single person packrafts with whitewater decks feature a 98-inch cockpit. All 98-inch skirts are interchangeable and can also be used on all Alpackalypse models. The standard spray skirts feature 1-inch elastic webbing suspenders to keep the skirt tunnel in place. We recommend getting a model without knee cups unless you find that your knees are causing the skirt to blow off during use.  Fits most chest sizes up to 48-inches.

  • XL Spray Skirt – Same cockpit size our standard skirt (98-inches), but with a larger tunnel for larger chest sizes. The XL Spray Skirt will fit chest sizes from 46-52 inches. If you have a chest size larger than 52-inches, please contact us about your options.